Raw Child is a hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his deep voice and dynamic lyrical flow, hitting the mix with a fluid and direct feel. Currently, Raw Child is working night and day on his music, aiming to give his fans the sound that they have been longing for. This Summer 2018 is going to be filled with hit singles and new exciting release, including music produced in collaboration with award-winning engineer “Beau Vallis”, who is known for his work on “Girl” by Pharrell. He is also collaborating with a few major producers, including Cash money AP, as well as two producers based in Germany. 

Raw Child is not your average rapper, as he really believes in education, and he even placed his music career on hold to receive a BA in Communication and Media. His voice has the power to hook you without letting go, due to his emotional performances and huge vocal range. Raw Child was raised by what he calls “savages”; he was influenced by gangsters and drug dealers ever since he was very young. Growing up, he lost many loved ones to the violent life of the Chicago streets, and he even almost lost his own life on several occasions. Raw was heading down a dark path of uncertainty and starvation, metaphorically and physically. 

However, he started writing in 8th grade, when he organized a rap battle for a middle school talent show, and started to build his talent for rap music. Raw Child’s motivation is derived from a time of poverty,vulnerability, and aggression. He started to write to release his bottled anger and overcome hardships. Music is his destiny, and it is obvious that there is no way he is willing to throw away God’s gift to him.

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